Top 11+ Things to Know Before Planning Uttarakhand Family Tour

Uttarakhand is an Indian state that is known for its beautiful mountain range. Its other name is 'Devbhoomi' because it has so many holy temples. Uttarakhand is visited by millions of Indians and foreigners every year. But it is not easy to plan a Uttarakhand, especially if you do not have much experience in traveling to mountains then a wrong trip plan is going to be pretty risky for you. 

Travel Tips You Should Keep in Mind Before Visiting Uttarakhand: 

Uttarakhand is a beautiful yet dangerous place. Visiting there without proper preparation can get you in trouble within no time. So, keep these things in mind while planning your Uttarakhand trip:

  1.  Always carry your warm clothes. Due to being located at a high altitude, Uttarakhand is a cold place. Even in summer, you should carry your light sweaters while visiting the place. Even if you feel hot in the daytime of summer but the nights can be cold.

  2.  Uttarakhand is popular for its multiple trek routes. You can find beginners to expert-level treks there. If you are planning to go on trekking there then ensure that you are physically able to do that. You can consult with your physician regarding this. If they give you a green signal then you are fine for the trekking. Pack some good quality trekking gears that are not going to disappoint you at the time of the trek. And also, pack the important amenities needed for the purpose.

  3.  Uttarakhand is a huge state with multiple tourist spots. So, completing the whole Uttarakhand in one go will take around a month. If you are planning to visit Uttarakhand then at least keep 7-8 days in your hand. That period is enough to cover a part of the state.

  4.  You can travel to Uttarakhand by train, air, and road. Uttarakhand 2 airports. You can reach there by road via Delhi or other major cities nearby. It has multiple major railway stations like Dehradun, Haridwar, Kathgodam, Roorkee, etc. If you want to travel there by train then you can get to the nearby major railway station of your destination.

  5.  Avoid traveling to remote places alone. If you are planning to visit some remote place in Uttarakhand then obviously take others with you. If you get in trouble there, you will have your loved ones to help you in difficult situations.

  6.  The remote places in Uttarakhand may not have ATMs and mobile networks. So, always carry enough cash with you. And try to carry multiple sim cards from different operators. If one cannot catch any single but the other one may.

  7. While visiting religious places, please do some proper dressing. Some religious places may have strict dress codes.

  8. Always carry your first aid box. And some medicines for common illnesses. In the villages in the mountains, you may not find any doctor nearby. So, you have to take care of yourself initially if you fall sick.

  9. Do not forget to carry the photocopies of your government cards with you. It helps you to prove your identity when needed. And always keep an original id card in your bag while traveling.

  10. Always make the booking in advance before visiting Uttaranchal. A visit without any proper plan or stay bookings can lead you to trouble. Stays in Uttarakhand, especially in peak seasons get completely sold out beforehand.

  11. Avoid visiting Uttarakhand in the rainy season. In monsoon, Uttarakhand receives heavy rainfall. Sometimes it causes natural calamities like landslides and floods in the mountains. So, better you avoid visiting Uttarakhand at that time.

Best Places to Visit in Uttarakhand:

  1. Nainital: Nainital is known as the City of Lake for the picturesque big lake it has. Nainital is a small town that is surrounded by mountains. You can enjoy a boat ride at the Nainital Lake and do some shopping in the local market. The nearby tourist spots are Snow View Point, Vimtal, Nakuchiatal, Sattal, etc perfect for a family trip. Book Nainital family tour packages from Delhi at the best price.
  2. Mussoorie: Mussoorie is named the Queen of The Hills for its breathtaking beauty. In Mussoorie, you can visit the Landour Bazaar and do some shopping. Trekking to and camping in Nag Tibba is fun. And don't miss the boat ride in Lake Mist. Mussoorie has a snow adventure zone that offers various types of activities.

  3. Haridwar: Haridwar is an ancient city located at the bank of the Holy River Ganges. Kumbha Mela takes place at Haridwar once every 12 years. You can see many temples in Haridwar as it is considered a pilgrimage for the Hindus. You can also visit Rishikesh, Haridwar's twin city at the same time.

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