My First Family Trip to Dubai from Delhi India

Day 1 (March 15): Family Trip in Dubai

We arrived in Dubai from Delhi at around 9 a.m., easily cleared immigration, and were immediately welcomed by Flybird Tourism, our tour company for the Dubai trip. Taking a short snap at Terminal 3, which is spectacular. We were escorted to the hotel after a short while. The Admiral Plaza Hotel, a respectable 3-star hotel, served as our lodging.

After taking hours of rest, we proceeded to Dubai Mall. It was truly enormous, but it was also very lovely and sophisticated. The Aquarium was lovely, and I shot numerous photos on practically every floor. Although there were direction boards virtually at every turn, which was nice, there were directing assistants almost everywhere in case someone got lost. The costs There were significantly greater than what we had expected.

We had booked for the Burj Khalifa at 6.30 p.m., so we hurried to the At the Top desk. After a brief wait in line, we boarded the incredible lift, which travelled quickly to the 124th story. Only thing look unusual to me was the elevator size which was small, so people have to queue and wait to go up or come down. Nonetheless, the view from the top of the Burj Khalifa was incredible. It was visible for kilometres around. From there, I could see the Burj al-Arab, the globe islands, and an amazing perspective of Sheikh Zayed Road. The lovely view was amplified as the sun dropped and the lights came on. It was worth going there. You will get a new perspective of Dubai around every curve, and they are all stunning. Stayed

I walked outside after dinner to observe the entertaining fountain performance. I took numerous pictures from behind the Address hotel, Souk-al-Bazar, and the Burj Khalifa. The main challenge with standing outside was that it was too warm and muggy, even at night, which made us have to cut shorten our time outside. Take a taxi back to the hotel after that. I must add, Both the taxi rank facility and the taxis themselves were fantastic. They were incredibly cosy, cooled by air conditioning, and meter-controlled. I absolutely liked taking cabs.

Day 2 (March 16): Family Trip in Dubai

Following a delicious breakfast in the hotel, I immediately headed to the Mall of the Emirates. Although considerably smaller than Dubai Mall, it was nonetheless a lovely and very beautiful mall. The prices and the stores were nearly identical. I saw Ski Dubai but didn't feel like going inside, so I snapped lots of pictures. I decided to travel to Palm Atlantis via monorail, so I took a taxi from there to the Palm Jumeirah monorail station. The sights were fantastic, and the monorail was excellent. The train was nearly empty, so we sat in the front to get the best views.

After leaving Aqua Venture, proceed to the main entrance of the Palm Atlantis. Although the humidity was brutal, we managed to adapt to it. Atlantis was great, and the beach sunset was lovely. From there, I made the decision to travel to Jumeirah Beach Walk, but I was unfortunate to get stopped in traffic on Sheikh Zayed Road, which made the trip take about an hour. I was shocked to discover that there was no lighting and that the beach was completely dark.

If someone wanted to take a beach walk (as we can in Seaview, Karachi), I expected there would be lights on the beach, but there weren't any. But the hotels and buildings were excellent. After that, I returned to the hotel, and my friend treated us to a fantastic BBQ buffet in Bur Dubai.

Day 3 (March 17): Family Trip in Dubai

On my wife's request, I visited my family friends in Karama and then returned to the Dubai Mall in the afternoon. Observed the abandoned places, including the waterfall and Dubai Ice Rink, again, took a tonne of pictures, stayed for a while, and went to Jumeirah Public Beach in the evening and spent some time in the hot tub. The Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Burj-al-Arab could both be seen nicely from the beach. After that, because we were so perspiring, we walked to the hotel, took a shower, changed, and then went to Deira City Centre with a buddy. There, we had a great supper at a Pakistani restaurant next to Dubai Creek. Also, I stood for a time along Dubai Creek to view the twin buildings and the NBD building.

Overall, I thought Dubai was simply incredible, very modern, and a must-see location. Huge roads were congested with fast moving traffic. I liked Sheikh Zayed Road; it was so big and beautiful; I can't even begin to describe it. We had some weather issues that made it challenging for us to spend time outside, but other than that, our first trip was wonderful. In all honesty, Dubai is fantastic, and I cannot wait to return to Delhi.

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