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Croatia is a country at the junction of Focal and Southeast Europe. Known for its completely clear water of the ocean, sandy sea shores and an uncountable number of legacy destinations, which will take you through the rich European history and dynamic culture. Go through the Croatia visit bundle from Mumbai to know why this ought to be your next getaway destination.

The outing will take you to these unimaginable urban communities of Croatia to be specific Zagreb, Split, and Dubrovnik. Zagreb is the capital and the biggest city of Croatia. The city is popular for its enchanting middle age old look with grand design and the world's most renowned legacy. The city is known for its exemplary European look yet there are numerous advanced contacts in the city and the neighborhood locals living there. Youthful and energetic on a basic level this city brings such countless things to the table to the voyagers. Part is the second biggest city in Croatia and is the biggest one on the renowned Dalmatian shore that borders the Adriatic Ocean. It brings a wealth of things to the table, from critical Old town to intriguing sea shores one can partake in the best get-away here. The range of foods and culture of this city isn't to be missed. Dubrovnik is renowned for its archaic period engineering and stunning eating experience. This city is most famously known as the shoot area of Ruler's Arrival in Round Of Privileged positions. The beautiful walls and paths won't ever neglect to wonder you.


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Day 1 : Zagreb: Arrival and Leisure Day

On the primary day as recorded on your Croatia visit bundle from Mumbai, you will show up at the air terminal. Upon appearance, our delegate will welcome you and will assist you with getting an exchange to the pre-booked lodging. Registration at the inn gathering and get your room keys, then move into your room and get a rest to ease stream slack. Since the remainder of the day is at recreation, you can appreciate it at a casual speed.

Day 2 : Zagreb: sightseeing

Have a credible breakfast at the inn and continue for the city visit for the afternoon. Take a visit through this flawless town all alone to investigate the legacy and superb middle age period like draftsmen to get a genuine localite experience. Visit the exceptionally renowned landmarks from Stone door, St. Imprint's Congregation, Zagreb Church building and witness the atmosphere of this authentic city. Meandering in the shimmering Boycott Jela?i? Square will certainly upgrade your night. Subsequent to visiting the city, return to the inn in Zagreb for a short term visit according to the timetable in your Croatia visit bundle from Mumbai.

Day 3 : Zagreb: tour

Eat and prepare for the afternoon. The city visit will begin in the first part of the day, you will be taken to the Plitvice Lakes Public Park, it is the most visited and most seasoned public park in Croatia. The lovely 16 gem lakes with entrancing cascades will certainly aw-struck you! In the wake of seeing the stupendous cascades of Croatia then you will be taken to the fantasy town of Rastoke the pleasant watermills, grand excellence, and the waterway Korana of this town is a genuine enjoyment to the eyes. Following a wonderful day, return to the lodging and get some rest.

Day 4 : Split: Arrival and Leisure Day

The Mumbai to Croatia bundles would take you today to the enchanted city of Parted. Start your day with a delicious breakfast feast at the lodging. Continue to look at the lodging and get moved to the pre-booked inn in Split. Check in at the lodging gathering and unwind for some time. Since the day is at relaxation, take a mobile visit through the old town in the city. Meander in the labyrinth of roads in the authentic downtown area investigating the lofty structures and the famous Egyptian sphinx. Make a point to visit the world's most established Catholic church the excellence will certainly leave you dumbfounded. After the strolling visit, return to the lodging and get a decent night's rest.

Day 5 : Split: 5 Islands Tour

Have flavorful breakfast at the lodging and continue for a visit through 5 most lovely Islands of Croatia that are Hvar, Biševo, Vis, Ravnik and Budikovac. You will be taken on a sail partaking in the wonderful perspective on the ocean. Arrive at the popular Blue Cavern on Biševo island, the focusing blue-silver light will daze you. Visit the vis island and investigate the little town with a rich culture. Appreciate exciting water sports like swimming and swimming investigating marine life. The sandy sea shores of Budikovac, you can invest a pleasant loosening up energy absorbing the sun while tasting on some extraordinary espresso. Subsequent to partaking in a day on these hypnotizing islands get once again to the inn for a short term visit.

Day 6 : Arrival and Leisure Day

The Mumbai to Croatia bundles would take you to Europe's verifiable city Dubrovnik. Begin your day with breakfast at the inn in Split. Continue to look at after this and get moved to a transport to Dubrovnik. Registration upon appearance and unwind for some time. Since the day is at relaxation, go on an independent visit around the old town. Investigate the intriguing St. Hero church, and see wine-delivering plants are over 100 years of age. There are many entrancing locales to investigate by meandering in the roads of the city. Return to the lodging for a short term visit.

Day 7 : Dubrovnik: sightseeing and kayaking

Partake in an endearing breakfast at the lodging. Today you will be taken on the visit to the pieces of Dubrovnik's old town where the shooting occurred of the well known television series Round Of Privileged positions. The area is sensible to such an extent that you will feel like you are in the show. What's more, for your diversion, the local area expert will let you know the in the background tattle. After the area visit, you will go to the Kayaking experience. There will be a security instructions before you head off with your aide, you will go through the reviled island of Lokrum. After this absolutely exhilarating movement, go to the ocean side and partake in the day with extraordinary homegrown wine. You will get back to your lodging according to your timetable in Mumbai To Croatia Bundles.

Day 8 : Dubrovnik: Leisure Time and Departure

Today is the last day of your Croatia trip. Start this day with a delectable breakfast feast at the lodging in Dubrovnik and prepare. Since the day is at relaxation, you could investigate this flawless city all alone. Go for some shopping, touring, investigate the nearby culture. You can attempt the heavenly European cooking or you can attempt the valid road food nearby. After you are finished with investigating the city, return to the lodging and continue to look at. Get moved to the Air terminal by taxi and catch your trip back home.




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  • 50% advance to hold the booking on a confirm basis.
  • Balance 50% before 7 days to travel date.
  • Flight, Bus & Train Ticket amount will be 100% at the time of booking
  • VISA & Travel Insurance amount will be 100% at the time of booking.
  • Standard Check-in and check-out time of hotels in India is generally 1.00 PM and 11 AM respectively.
Cancellation received no. of days prior to departureCancellation fee applicable on Net Tour Price (per person)
DAYS 0-5100%
DAYS 6-1575%
DAYS 16-3050%
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DAYS 61-9020%

There is no Agreement between the company and the client until the company has received the initial deposit amount per person as specified for each tour package. The full payment must be received in accordance with procedures laid down under Payments Terms. If not paid in that time, the company have the right to cancel the booking with the loss of deposit and apply scale of cancellation charges as mentioned in the cancellation policy graph.

The Company has the right at any time and for any reason:

  • To terminate the Agreement after acceptance of the deposit but prior to the Commencement of Tour without assigning any reason at all. In the event, the Company terminates the Agreement, the company shall refund the initial deposit amount without payment of any interest.
  • To change, modify, shift or pull out any visit, occasion, trip or office it has publicized or distributed or to substitute a Self-employed entity of comparative class assuming it is considered prudent or significant. Regardless, the Organization will not be obligated for any harm, extra cost, or significant misfortune languished by the Clients or over any remuneration claims made.
  • The Company would be operating its Group Tours with minimum group strength of 12 adult passengers in each group. If the group strength falls below 12 passengers, the Company reserves the right to Pre-pone OR Postpone OR Merge or Cancel the group. If the Company cancels the Group Tour for any of the above reasons then the money paid till then by Clients will be refunded against the receipt copies. It is clear understanding between either parties that any loss arising on account of cancellation of flight / train / bus tickets booked by the Clients; either through the Company or on his/her own or through a third party; the Company shall not be liable for such losses or additional expense, or consequential loss suffered by the Clients.

No individual other than the Organization, recorded as a hard copy, has the position to change, add, enhance or forgo any expectation, portrayal, term or condition in this agreement.

In case of the Organization practicing its freedoms to change or modify any of the administrations as referenced in the agenda, after such visit or occasion has been reserved, the Client will have the right:

  • To go on with the visit or occasion as revised or modified.

In instance of any debate, choice of FBT ADVENTURES India Ltd will last and tie.

FlyBird Tourism claims all authority to get back to you on the contact number shared by you on the site.

Health & Safety: The Organization will in no conditions at all will be obligated to the Client or any individual going for:

  • Any passing private injury, affliction, mishap, misfortune, delay, uneasiness, expanded costs, important misfortune and/or harm or any misfortune howsoever caused
  • The transitory or super durable loss of or harm to stuff or belongings howsoever caused in this condition the saying "Howsoever caused" remembers carelessness for the piece of any individual.
  • No responsibility with respect to the Organization emerging in any capacity out of this Agreement in regard of any visit, occasion, and trip office will surpass the aggregate sum paid or consented to be paid for the visit occasion, and will for no situation incorporate any considerable misfortune or extra cost at all.

Assuming that the Client has any objection in regard of the administrations given by any of the Self-employed entities, the Client will quickly tell a similar recorded as a hard copy to the Self-employed entity and a duplicate thereof ought to be given over to the Visit Director of the Organization to empower the Organization to take up the matter with the Self-employed entity so in future different Clients don't confront a similar trouble.

Any case or complaint by the Client should be advised to the Organization recorded as a hard copy in the span of 28 days of the finish of this occasion visit. No case advised to this Organization past this period will be engaged and the Organization will bring about no risk at all in regard thereof.

It is hereby declared that the immunities provided under this Contract shall be available to the Company’s managers, including Tour managers, employees, servants and agents but not to the Independent Contractors selected by the Company.

Every one of this condition will be severable from the opposite end in the event that any arrangement be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable. The leftover arrangements will by and by have full power and impact.

Insurance: The visit cost does exclude the any expenses towards the Movement/ Meclaim Protection payment. In the event that assuming the Client needs an Insurance inclusion, it is recommended to go for appropriate protection contract all alone. The Client needs to manage the Insurance agency in the event of settlement of any case. The complementary number is accessible on your arrangement record. FlyBird Tourism (India) Ltd or its auxiliary organizations or specialists plays no part to pay in such manner. Subtleties of Protection inclusion are accessible with our outreach group.

Change in Tour Price: The visit costs printed/publicized/provided to Client are dynamic cost estimates. The individual booking visit early is probably going to get the most minimal cost as conveyed/presented by the Organization, dependent upon accessibility of seats. Likewise, individual booking visit at the last will be offered the greatest costs. This estimating module has been taken on to get early appointments on visits. Subsequently it is very clear that people going on an equivalent gathering visit are probably going to have followed through on various visit costs. The Organization won't engage any case at all because of the equivalent. Additionally it is clear understanding between either parties that the costs cited in the proposition/leaflet have been determined in light of the predominant inn/transport duties and relevant assessments consequently at the hour of printing this pamphlet. The Organization maintains all authority to alter the cost distributed in this hand-out in the event of costs expanded before the date of take-off. All such expansions in cost should be settled up on completely before take-off by the Client.

Power Majure:- Demonstrations of god (counting outstanding antagonistic atmospheric conditions), tremor, fire , war (proclaimed or undeclared), intrusion, insubordination, revolt, revolt, common disturbance, nationwide conflict, atomic splitting, strike, act(s) of exclusion/commission by any concerned government(s), or government organizations, legal or quasijudicial specialists, event of any occasion can compel the Organization to change or broadened. Subsequently any extra use happened because of the above reasons a similar will be borne by the travellers

The menus are pre - set menus accommodated breakfast/lunch/supper on the visit as referenced under each Visit schedule and considerations as imprinted in our leaflet. The dinners will be served either at cafés of inn of stay or the equivalent could be set up at nearby eateries. The en route feasts or dinners during journeys could be pressed feasts or served by en route/nearby cafés/dhabas. We can't process a special meal nor do we ensure the extraordinary eating routine to the customer. We anyway claim all authority to change the feast game plan in the event that conditions make it important to do as such. In the event that a visit member doesn't benefit his/her dinner in specified time; he/she needs to profit the feast on his/her own plan and costs. No case can be made for the dinner which he/she has missed and not used.

For the solace and accommodation of our travellers, we will once in a while switch the course, or somewhat revise the schedule. We will attempt to educate you with respect to these corrections, preceding the beginning of the visit or on visit. If a visit member misses on any piece of the touring visit or any such visit because of defer on his part, he won't be qualified for guarantee discount of something very similar.

We have referenced the demonstrative names of the Inns for each visit. We maintain all authority to change something very similar because of undeniable conditions. All things considered we might give elective, comparative convenience for which we are not responsible to pay any discount. We won't be capable or responsible in the event of loss of property or life at the Inn. Also any harms caused to the lodgings during your visit, will be payable by the Clients and the Organization won't be responsible for the equivalent.

  • The airfares the Organization has contracted with different aircrafts are non-refundable. The Organization will in no conditions at all be obligated to the Client or any individual going with him/her for:
  • While all endeavours would be made to oblige individuals from a family voyaging together in a similar flight, contingent on the general gathering size the organization claims all authority to part the gathering into numerous carriers for any take-off.
  • Loss of stuff/death toll or loss of different assets by the aircrafts.
  • Overbooking of seats by the aircraft.
  • Disappointment with respect to aircraft to oblige travellers in spite of having affirmed tickets.
  • Change of flight timings or change of course regardless of earlier suggestion.
  • Assuming if the flight is over booked or dropped for reasons unknown and the client isn't permitted/ready to get onto the flight, the client will not consider the Organization answerable for the equivalent and no case at all can be made by the client. All coincidental costs emerging out of such circumstance will be payable by the Client.
  • Kindly note the minimal expense aircrafts don't give dinners ready.
  • There is a constraint how much gear can be conveyed as registration stuff and lodge (hand) stuff. Gear continued or more the breaking point will have to be paid for by the Client at the hour of registration. If it's not too much trouble, note for not many areas caring lodge stuff isn't permitted.
  • Air terminal expenses/air terminal improvement charges as pertinent to be paid over and above visit cost should there be an ascent post the printing of the pamphlet.
  • However risks are less, but contingent on the gathering size the organization maintains whatever authority is needed to part the gathering into numerous carriers for any take-off.
  • All the aircraft ticket appointments/scratch-off and go on such carrier ticket will be dependent upon the terms and conditions as referenced in our Booking and Crossing out strategy referenced in this record.

We use Deluxe 2 X 2 Coaches or vehicles such as Tempo Traveller, Tata Winger, Chevrolet Tavera, Mahindra Scorpio, Toyota Qualis, Tata Sumo or similar as per the availability of vehicles and actual size of the group. Our visit administrator/neighbourhood delegate will take sensible consideration of your gear yet in the event that you are conveying any high worth things on the mentor, we prompt you not to leave them behind when you leave the mentor. We won't be mindful or obligated in the event of burglary or burglary of the expressed things from the mentor. All stuff and belongings are consistently and under all conditions your obligation. Any harms caused to the lodgings/mentor during your visit, will be payable by the Clients and the Organization won't be at risk for something similar. The drivers of the vehicles are limited by unambiguous standards like greatest driving hours in no less than a day/during seven days, rest period each day/week and so on. Clients should stringently stick to the endorsed plan for the day with the goal that the driver can finish the movement. On the off chance that, any of the touring plans is missed because of postpones brought about by the client, a similar won't be discounted to the client for any reason. Kindly note that air conditioner won't work in Slopes and no cases to this respect will be engaged.

An exchange starting with one visit then onto the next of the initially reserved visit will be treated as a scratch-off on that visit, consequently drawing in the retraction charges as expressed in these terms and a crisp setting up for another.

"You consent to genuinely withstand, comply and go along exclusively at your expenses and costs to all regulations, rules, notices, Tourism warnings, rules, mandates and correspondences gave occasionally by all or any States, Specialists, Services, Offices, Nearby Bodies in India or Abroad, connected with your visit to the unfamiliar objective or potentially on your return from the visit to your home objective in India or Abroad including yet not restricted to Coronavirus Conventions on isolation, immunizations and so forth or regarding some other Pandemic, plague, sickness, condition and so on, which might be imparted by all or any Legislatures, Specialists, Services, Divisions, Neighbourhood Bodies in India or Abroad regardless of notice anytime of time whether at the beginning of the visit, during the visit as well as on the fruition of the visit, by and large".

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